a short introduction to the site

This site tries to give an overview of my work over the last 50 years or so and also serves as a digital archive.  Whilst it is not a complete, comprehensive record of my work, but more of an overview, which I attempt to update as regularly as I can.

Having ‘studied?’ painting I then spent most of my time making 3D work in the conventional sense of individual objects or groups of objects, as pieces to be photographed, actual installations or, for the last 25 years+, virtual objects. These works take the form of 3D abstract animated movies and prints. This  work concentrates on making non-narrative animated time-based images which can be shown in dedicated art spaces, festivals or privately.

When I started making digital pieces I was part of a small group of artists showing at “The Colville Place Gallery”. This was the first gallery in the UK to specialise in digital art (as opposed to graphic design).

The actual iconography of this work relies on,  takes from and develops my non- digital output so is a continuation of this work.  My autodidactic personality is reflected in the diversity and variety of the work.

A note about  the CRUCIFORM IMAGESThe “X” form which structurally occurred in my work for just under 25 years had no connection with religion. The form itself, appeared to me, to be one of the most stable artifacts I could use which encompassed, but did not encase, space within it’s visual influence. This skeletal structure allowed me to impose upon it various visual guises which changed its appearance without loosing its intrinsic stability (why I felt the need for this subjective stability is still not aparent to me).  At various times its use has almost been a cliche but this aspect appealed to me and made it an even more attractive. The form also appears when academics and analysts of pictorial work seek to visually demonstrate the latent, underlying structures within works.

A  link to these moving images is by using the  direct link to each work on their own page (>Vimeo) which is probably the most convenient way of accessing them.

Please let me know if you find any faults in the working of the site and thank you for looking.

My contact details are:

andrewgreaves085@gmail.com (email)

andrewgreaves.pro  (direct link to my website)

Vimeo https://vimeo.com/user24274324 (direct Vimeo link)

These links should be used with a browser as they are not ‘live’ here.

Andrew Greaves 2023

My prints are often, but not always, derived from animations for the same name.
For printing they will be enriched, for a more detailed viewing, as the projection version has a lower pixel density.
Should you be interested in buying one please contact:

Carlie Rose Bush  [bridgegallery146@gmail.com]

or phone: 01900828176

Andrew Greaves 2023: bridgegallery • Cockermouth

When I started making digital animations, 23 years ago, the way I made them made them was difficult to present either privately or at public screenings as the data rate was far too high for the available projection methods at the time. I was never committed to streaming them as this would have compromised the visual experience via the reduced size and data rate. Recently these restrictions have largely been improved  and all of the movies included here are now available to be be viewed on Vimeo directly on ones own screen.                                                                              

Use this link to see them all:    https://vimeo.com/user24274324/videos/sort:alphabetical/format:thumbnail

If the animation has its own page on the website,  select the dropdown menu which appears when it is activated to link that animation directly.

©AG 2023



To preview the animation use the link below


 It is part of the continuing series of my animations which use abstract forms and sounds to “entertain” you.


Tunnel is a visualisation of a hospital visit of some years ago.

Obviously not a literal one

still only. Please use this link below to view the animation in Vimeo:



Snakes is the most recent animation I have made,and it is part of a continuing series of non-figurative themes.

Animation and sound © Andrew Greaves 2023

The direct link to view it on screen is: https://vimeo.com 799547802







chunks 2022 • animation


a purely abstract animation for your entertainment

direct link to Vimeo:


©AG 2022


Cats on cold tin roofs # 2 • Prints

These prints  are sourced from the animation of the same  name.

Print # 1

print # 2

Print # 3

Print # 4

Print # 5

Print # 6

Print # 7

Print # 8

Print # 9

Print # 10

Print # 11

Print # 12

Print # 13

Print # 14

The  conditions for obtaining prints are the same for all series.

© AG 2021

                                            High and low peaks with a few twists

These images are an independent set and do not  originate from an animated sequence.

Image 1 • still # 1

Image 1 • still # 2

image 1 • still # 3

image 1• still # 4
image 1• still # 5
image 1• still # 6

image 1 • still # 7 

 image 1 • still # 8

image 1• still # 9image 1• still #10

image 1 • still # 11image 1 • still # 12image 1 • still # 13

image 1 • still #14
image 1 • still 15